William Alexander | Pratfalls of Parenting Ep 39


“Having kids created a clear hierarchy”

Author of Goblin Secrets, William Alexander, talks about the distance between a book author and his audience. He shares the strengths and weaknesses that come from that distance. He also talks about his realization as a young person of the idea that people wrote the books he was reading.

“Dad would make things up, mom preferred to have the book in front of her”

Will talks about how much farther towards scary things can be pushed in books for young people rather than in movies or television shows because young people can decide how far to let the ideas go in their imaginations. He talks about how much or how little he thinks about his specific audience while writing. And he talks about how heavily influenced his writing is by his theater background.

“It would have been completely impractical for me to make practical choices”

Will talks about trying to balance the work of being an author, teaching at a college, and being a dad. He talks about how those different parts of his life inform and are informed by one another. And about how he gets different things he needs from each area of his life.

“If you have a favorite book that you read every year, it’s not the same book each time”

Also, check out the Make a Mask section on Will’s website

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