Washington State Department Of Health Physician Assistant Delegation Agreement

In anticipation of labor and facility shortages during the pandemic, Governor Jay Inslee issued two amended proclamations, one of which temporarily removed regulatory barriers that could impede the ability of licensed health professionals to serve during the pandemic, and the other waived the requirements of health facilities to allow for greater bed capacity. Orders are valid until April. Here are the key findings: The Washington Medical Commission is committed to educating stakeholders about these changes. Physician assistants, attending physicians, and hospital staff should pay attention to updates and advice from the Washington Medical Commission. In an amended health care licensing proclamation, the governor temporarily eliminates the need for a PA delegation agreement that allows doctors across the state to immediately call on APs to help with the pandemic, without a delegation agreement from the Washington Medical Commission needing to be verified. The Washington Academy of Physician Assistants is gathering a list of PA volunteers by county, ready and able to reach health care workers to help with the COVID-19 response. If you are a PA willing to voluntarily commit to a hospital in your county or other nearby county, send wapa@wapa.com an email. The doctors are currently working together under delegation agreements approved by the Washington Medical Commission. As of July 1, 2021, the delegation agreement process will be replaced by the new practice agreement system. The current delegation agreements will continue to apply after July 1, 2021, unless the content of the delegation agreement changes or the physician assistant changes employment.

Effective July 1, 2021, the Osteopath Physician Assistant licence contained in Chapter 18.57A RCW will be replaced by the Physician Assistant Licence included in 18.71A RCW. Current Osteopathic Physician Assistant licence holders receive new Physician Assistant Licences in accordance with Chapter 18.71A RCW when applying for licence renewal. On July 1, 2022, Chapter 18.57A RCW will be repealed and references to the Chapter in all State Statutes will be replaced by references to Chapter 18.71A RCW. The Washington Medical Commission and the Board of Osteopathic Medicine and Surgery are responsible for participating in the rule-making process. Medical assistants, doctors, and hospital staff should subscribe to regulatory updates from the Washington State Department of Health via this link. Section 6 contains specific information on practice agreements, including requirements, process and registration requirements. It is important that section 6(2) states that practice contracts must contain all these points: under current legislation, medical assistants must obtain permission from the Washington Medical Commission in order to practice in remote locations. From 1 July 2021, medical assistants will be able to practice on isolated sites if this is part of their practice contract. In a substantial change from current legislation, practice agreements will be valid as soon as all parties sign them and no longer require authorization from the Washington Medical Commission. Instead, practice contracts are submitted by the physician`s assistant to the Washington Medical Commission as soon as they are signed.

Practice agreements may also be amended at any time to reflect new tasks or responsibilities. The medical assistant is responsible for submitting any changes or changes to the Washington Medical Commission. .

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