Trent Gilliss | Pratfalls of Parenting Ep 130

trent gilliss“I didn’t want to have children. I fought like hell against it.”

Trent Gilliss, Chief Content Officer and Executive Editor of On Being, talks about transitioning the show from an American Public Media produced radio program to an independent radio show, podcast, and Webby Award-winning website. Trent also shares stories of times his scientist wife has worked with him on projects and trying to find ways to put a little less time into work so that he could be a more present father.

“My children have been a portal into seeing the best parts of myself.”

Trent talks openly about not wanting to become a parent and shares the story of how an On Being guest shifted his perspective on parenthood and how he viewed himself. He talks about the ways fatherhood has changed over the past several decades and about how Torah scholar Avivah Zornberg has impacted how he views relationships and people.

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