Toyota Vehicle Service Agreement Transfer

Toyota offers the same extensive protection as new used cars with much shorter coverage times. As with new Vehicle Service Agreements, you can transfer your plan to a new owner at no additional cost. We analyzed industry leaders for advanced car warranties to find the best suppliers. Our recommendation for third-party extended warranties is Endurance. The company is highly appreciated by customers. As a direct service provider, Endurance offers vehicle owners a variety of extended coverage plans to meet your extended Toyota protection needs. Covers perforation or rusty formation from the inside of your vehicle`s sheet metal to the outside With these plans, you can choose the coverage conditions. Toyota offers durations of 3 to 10 years and 50,000 to 125,000 miles. In addition, the Toyota Automotive Service Contract offers 24/7 breakdown assistance, travel protection and a unique warranty. Used Toyota vehicle in the current plus 9 years of models and up to 150,000 miles of vehicles. Contact your dealer for authorization requirements for non-Toyota vehicles. Used car plans are only available from your Toyota dealer at the time of purchase or lease of used vehicles. Portability A new VSA vehicle can be transferred to the second retail buyer, even at no additional cost.

A VSA cannot be transferred to a dealer, corporation or individual in connection with the sale of vehicles.1 Are you not ready to go platinum? Don`t worry. Our Gold VSA covers the many justified component repairs and parts of your new Toyota after your vehicle`s warranty expires, including many parts that are not covered by our Powertrain plan. Unlike new and pre-owned contract options, Toyota only offers an automotive service contract for certified pre-owned Toyota vehicles. Let`s take a closer look at Toyota vehicle service contracts and third-party warranty companies to determine what meets your needs. If you`re looking for options at a reasonable price, you`ll usually find a more customizable and affordable offer from one of these third parties. Vehicles are considered eligible if they are located during the current model year plus 9 previous years and have a total of less than 150,000 miles of vehicles. . . .

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