Todd Smith | Pratfalls of Parenting Ep 59


“I parent the same way I write a story”

Writer Todd Smith talks about the work ethic it really takes to be a writer

“If you want to be a writer you should have better reasons than being rich”

Todd shares the baggage that comes with the name Todd Smith. And he shares his goal of becoming the least bad Todd. Todd talks about balancing a daytime manual job that provides financial security with a steady workload of freelance writing jobs.

“I realized I wasn’t going to be the most talented writer but what I could do was outwork everybody”

baby murphy

Todd talks about teaching himself how to write by reading Sports Illustrated and breaking down the way stories were written to find the structure within. He talks about realizing that he can’t stop himself from being a writer. And about how for him that means he is constantly turning our new work whether or not he always has a place for publication.

“I’ll write for bags of rice”

Todd talks about finding opportunities as a writer by having stories already written and ready to sell. He talks about how approaching writing as a daily job well before it was generating any income gave him a way to keep writing while preparing him for future success. And he talks about how he got a job writing in exchange for bags of rice.

smores“I’ve written half of my stories on the dashboard of a Ford 550”

Todd talks about how he parents the same way he writes a story. He talks about whether or not his writer’s voice is like his dad voice. And he talks about wanting to get straight to the point whether he’s connecting with readers or with his son. He also talks about how growing up with a family of storytellers impacted his desire to write.

Plus, Todd talks about how his son’s heart condition has impacted his work life, his writing life, and his relationship with his wife.

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