TJ Kudalis | Pratfalls of Parenting Ep 50


“The comedic soul of a piece is all in the editing”

Video maker and father TJ Kudalis talks about the comic timing in editing video and film.

TJ talks about his study of Scottish and Irish poetry and how close he came to being a professor of Scotch/Irish poetry. He talks about how languages are a form of expression and thus a specific way of interpreting the world. TJ talks about how many other versions of languages also exist, such as dance, photography and film.

“Good cinematography replicates the act of seeing”

TJ talks about being an audio/visual nerd. TJ talks about accidentally becoming a web journalist before there were a proliferation of blogs and citizen journalism sites. He talks about creating content specifically for the web rather than just repurposing old print media. TJ also talks about ending up covering a riot, winning awards, and working for a national news organization.

“I used to think I was a great multi-tasker but it turns out I’m bad at paying attention”

TJ talks about narrating his pre-language daughter’s actions as a way of playing with and enjoying her. He also talks about listening to audio books and podcasts that have adult themes with his infant.

“Another thing I didn’t realize is how much time you spend with your kid just hanging out”

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