Thomas Boemer | Pratfalls of Parenting Ep 84

sanguinic_1391193237_cornertableboemer“I realized then that there’s a process that my brain just latched on to.”

Executive Chef and co-owner of the Corner Table, Thomas Boemer talks about the multi-faceted nature of his job. He shares how important it is to him to be a part of a teaching kitchen as well as the close relationship between the kitchen and the front of the house team. Chef Boemer also shares the origins of his desire to cook with what he calls “the fried chicken story.”

ows_137106642612937“Being a woodworker made me a much better cook and a much better chef.”

Thomas talks about the five years he spent away from the kitchen working as a cabinet-maker and woodworker. He talks about the parallels between cooking and woodworking and how much creativity and expertise drives his passions. And Thomas talks about the relationship he has with whatever ingredients he’s working with.

“We try to build in as much flexibility as possible without ever sacrificing the dish.”

Chef Thomas talks about the collaborative nature of working in a kitchen. He’s also shares how that translates to parenthood. He talks about having a son with food sensitivities and allergies and what that’s like as a parent as well as a professional chef. And Thomas talks about his focus on the local in his kitchen as well as how his relationship to ingredients extends to the people who grow them.

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