Suzi Q Smith | Pratfalls of Parenting Ep 43


“When you’re listening from a place of love rather than judgment, it really changes what you hear.”

In this episode Poet, spoken word artistic, and activist Suzi Q Smith talks about poetry, competition, education, race, class, gender, and modern motherhood.

I need those things to exist in the world so that my daughter can exist in that world”

Suzi talks about going from writing poetry, to performing poetry, to competing as a slam poet. Talks about traveling to compete in slam poetry competitions, teach workshops, and participate in events. She talks about balancing time traveling and time at home.

“Once I’ve said what I needed to in a poem, I’m kind of sick of that conversation”

Suzi talks about balancing her desire to respect everyone and her desire to win the culture war. She talks about how becoming a mother heightened her desire to create positive change in the world through her work. She also talks about moving from an introspective focus in her work to a broader look at the world around her.

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