Susannah Schouweiler | Pratfalls of Parenting Ep 21

“I feel like I’m sucking at everything”

Knight Arts and writer and editor Susannah Schouweiler talks about the blurry lines between work and life when one works from home.

Susannah talks about the dark, secret dreams parents have about just disappearing for a while. And about loving what she does but feeling possibly overcommitted and not knowing how to correct for that. She talks about the difference between a career and a job and how writing on the arts in St Paul for the Knight foundation made her start looking at the arts scene in St Paul as separate from the Twin Cities.

“If the kids are home I just feel like I’m going to lose my mind, sometimes”

Susannah shares her interest in the intertwined fates of arts writers and artists. She discusses how for a lot of largely ephemeral art the best way for a work to endure in the public conversation and imagination is if someone tells a story about it.

“Sometimes I just do not want to talk about Thor’s hammer”

Susannah also talks about how her role as an editor is about making sure her writers are saying what they want to say and not what she wants to say. She also talks about how that idea behind editing is or isn’t like trying to encourage her kids to be able to express and articulate themselves. And about how hard it is to decide when a piece of writing is done without a deadline and the similarities to how a parent never has the feeling of their job as a parent being done.

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