Susan Shehata | Pratfalls of Parenting Ep 48


“What I put out into the world has a through-line of personal transformation”

Space Guru, holistic wellness practitioner, musician, producer, designer, radio host, and stepmother Susan Shehata talks about the challenges of describing the work she does because she does so many different creative things. She also talks about her desire to rebrand the idea of stepmotherhood.

“Children are the biggest mirror that we can have”

Susan talks about approaching spaces as an art form. She shares how for her helping people design and shape the spaces where they live or work becomes an art practice for her. She also talks about the creativity of finding and repurposing old or discarded objects.

“It takes some of the joy out of the things you’re passionate about because now they’re also the way you’re going to earn your income”

908613_10200743407489035_1483129684_nSusan talks about having her business partner also be her life partner. She also talks about the challenges of working on big projects with people who are collaborators but also friends because of the sometimes hard to define relationship.

Susan talks about being a stepmother and some of the challenges surrounding sharing parenting relationships not only with her partner but also with her stepdaughter’s other family. She talks about how having so many self-employed projects results in setting her own schedule but also never being off the clock.

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