Steve Nelson | Pratfalls of Parenting Ep 69


SteveAndLuke“I consider myself the uber-listener.”

Minnesota Public Radio Program Director Steve Nelson talks about the changing world of public radio and the job of being an “Uber-Producer.” He talks about launching MPR’s music station, The Current, eight years ago and how that opportunity helped bring him to Minnesota. And Steve shares how writing for the school paper in fourth grade impacted his view on how people can have an impact on their communities.

“This idea of one person talking to one person over the air waves has always fascinated me.”

Steve talks about becoming a father and launching a new radio station, The Current, within a few months of each other. He talks about watching colleagues react to new parenthood themselves. And Steve shares how little guidance he found from parenting books.


snelsonpicgrey“Becoming a parent is not a unique experience, but it feels like there’s almost nothing that can prepare you for it.”

Steve talks about how becoming a parent has impacted the way he communicates with other people as well as how it’s impacted his relationship with his wife. He talks about how completely different each of his three children are and have been since they were born. And Steve shares how he is the same person at home as he is at work.

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