Stephanie Wilbur Ash | Pratfalls of Parenting Ep 15

“Aren’t we all just trying to not crap our pants?”

Writer, editor, and performer Stephanie Wilbur Ash talks about the time as a mother when you’re stuck at home and the kids aren’t very interactive. She explains the struggle of when the thing you have to give all your love to doesn’t give anything back. How if you’re a performer or if you’re achievement oriented it’s a losing proposition. And how there’s no winning at parenting.

Steph talks about trying to balance between feeling internal pressure to make cool and interesting things and the internal pressure to be constantly making money from her work. And how her skills as a novelist of seeing the stories people tell themselves as they go through the world can serve her well as a parenting tool in figuring out the stories her kids are telling themselves about them selves and finding ways to get them to change some elements of their own stories to themselves to reframe perceived weaknesses as strengths.

Plus, we get a visit from Stephanie’s sons, Charlie and Christian, and hear what they think about their moms work.


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