Stacia Rice | Pratfalls of Parenting Ep 129

10710975_10152878041879066_1426073372902741602_n“I feel cracked open and vulnerable in a way that I’m not comfortable with and did not know actually existed.”

Guthrie actor and Torch Theater Artistic Director Stacia Rice shares stories of growing up the youngest of 7 kids. Stacia talks about aspiring to be the kind of mother to her kids that he mother was to her. And she talks about how her love of remounting shows and revisiting material translates to building upon the ways she was parented. Stacia also shares how doing her first professional show at the age of 12 at the Children’s Theatre Company effected her future career.

“I dread the time when I miss something at school because I have a show.”

Stacia talks about missing family weddings and how she tries to keep those feelings of guilt out of mind. She also talks about how having 50 percent shared custody of her children can make it easier to be present and focused on them when they’re together. Stacia talks about the stress gauntlet that is trying to make friendships with other parents. Stacia talks about being someone who loves food and how she told herself she would somehow avoid having picky children.

by Josh Jabas

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