Scott LeGere & Kelly Munson | Pratfalls of Parenting Ep 55

Kelly & Scott “Kids, it just kind of makes what’s fractured more fractured and what’s solid more solid.”

Graphic designer Kelly Munson and musician and music producer Scott LeGere talk about parenthood changing their work, their goals, and their relationship with one another.

“If you’re not as talented as Prince, how do you find a side job.”

Scott talks about being a musician but ending up doing studio work and eventually starting the production company NoWare. He talks about working with artists like Prince who can call at a moments notice and rearrange any plans that may have been made. And Scott talks having a 9 to 5 job for the first time in his life and the difficulty of adjusting to that but also the positive impact its had on his relationship with Kelly.

0d57196e3007780f6247f3fba8fcf007“A creative career is two parts finding income and one part finding those projects that really creatively inspire you.”

Kelly talks about never imagining she would become a mom but rather focusing on building a career. Scott and Kelly talk about deciding to potentially get pregnant and how surprised they were by the speed with which pregnancy came.

“You kind of want to make your mark and then have kids.”

Kelly talks about waiting until she felt fulfilled and established in her career before even considering becoming a mother. She talks about transitioning to a new job specifically because it would be a better fit as a parent. And Kelly talks about having decide to put some projects and art practices on the back burner as a new mother.

“I didn’t want to just pretend like she wasn’t existing and work until 9pm every night.”

3541_10201177835434347_1484283341_nKelly talks about the challenges of using her creatively fulfilling skills to do work that isn’t her own and how that impacts her desire to apply those same skills to her own artwork. Scott talks about how the logistics of using his music to create advertisements still allow him space and energy to want to make his own art.

“I think our culture isn’t ready to see moms as purveyors of what’s cool.”

Kelly talks about seeing stigmas attached to motherhood and how that sometimes causes her to distance herself from identifying as a mom. She talks about the perception that moms are spread too thin and can’t be fully dedicated to their careers.

Kelly and Scott talk about their relationship before becoming parents and the impact parenthood has had on their relationship.  They talk about how having Lena has helped shape their day to day in a way that in many ways has improved their communication.

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