Kurt & Amy Schweickhardt | Pratfalls of Parenting Ep 57


“Amy and I share a language, a passion”

Kurt Schweickhardt is an actor, theater teacher, and director and his daughter Amy Schweickhardt is an actor.

“I try to direct the way I would like to be directed as an actor”

Kurt talks about being an acting coach more than a director because his focus tends to be on the relationships between the actors. Amy talks about being directed by her father and how much she enjoys his directorial style. She also talks about auditioning for her dad and not getting parts.


“I never feel like I’m treating Amy differently than other actors”

Kurt talks about getting serious about theater when he realized he wasn’t going to become a jock. He also talks about sharing a high school with Tom Hanks. Kurt also talks about how theatrical all of his kids were when they were young.

“Career day was really cool because the kids just thought it was the coolest thing”

Amy talks about still remembering seeing her dad in a play when she was two and how big of an impact that experience had on her. She talks about which shows and roles she was allowed to watch her father in and which ones were restricted based on her age. Amy also talks about how important it felt to get access to the theater world that meant so much to her dad.

“The fear as a daughter of him having a mental decline was enhanced in the play”

Kurt and Amy talk about working together both as director to actor and as actor to actor. They talk about how they are able to have a friendship and treat one another the same as they would any other members of a production. They also talk about the extra weight they have been able to bring to certain productions when they played fiction father/daughter relationships.

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