Sarah White | Pratfalls of Parenting Ep 107

pic by Elliot Light-Chaser Malcolm

Photo by Elliot Light-Chaser Malcolm

“They already have this weird perception of what an artist is that’s way different than I had when I was a kid.”

Musician and photographer talks about being a working mother while chasing her own ambition. Sarah talks about performing on Broadway with Donny Osmond. She talks about moving to New York to grow her career and why she ended up coming back to the Twin Cities.

Sarah talks about realizing the importance of treating her creative work as a business. She talks about raising two daughters and how she wants to be a role model in ways both personal and professional. And Sarah opens up about the challenges of working in the same creative space as her life partner and how they can collaborate but also feel competitive.

Plus, Sarah shares some thoughts about seeing her dad recently return to painting after decades of not.

“It’s okay if I’m not the same as all the other moms.”


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