Saps Agreements

Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: YouTube: website: SAPs` focus on increasing exports can accelerate the destruction of ecosystems by accelerating extractive industries such as wood, mining and fishing. In agriculture, AMPs strengthen economic liberalization resulting from free trade agreements, undermine peasant agriculture while strengthening export-oriented agriculture (and its dependence on dangerous agrochemicals). The insistence of AMPs on deregulating legislation and reducing the size of enforcement authorities hampers a government`s ability to protect its environment. Introduction of the new National Commissioner The President-in-Office said that the meeting was very important because the Minister of Police would present to the commission the newly appointed National Police Commissioner, Mangwashi Victoria Phiyega. The President-in-Office hosted the Minister and the National Commissioner at the meeting. Police Minister Nathi Mtethwa said that after the appointment of the national commissioner, there had been both congratulations and public reservations. National Commissioner Mangwashi Phiyega said she was ready and willing to serve the nation. SapS was on a challenging journey and they were all ready for the challenges. The objective has been clarified and the Minister has identified ten key priorities that should be the guideline for psaT. She stated that SAPS is committed to continuous improvement and, in this regard, the National Commissioner will tour nationally to familiarize herself with the challenges and challenges she faces. Mr. V.

Ndlovu (IFP) welcomed the National Commissioner and said that the Committee was ready to assist her in carrying out her duties, while respecting the control of the executive. Ms. D. Kohler-Barnard (DA) said that she was very impressed with the National Commissioner`s resume and that she deserved the leadership capacity to address the critical issues facing SAPS. In the SAPS, there was a lot to clean and clean, and the national commissioner`s first steps would indicate the pace to follow over the years. She promised to support the National Commissioner in carrying out her duties and promised to follow all the steps of the National Commissioner. Rev K Meshoe (ACDP) welcomed the National Commissioner and hoped that there would be good news about SAPS in the future. He also provided the committee`s support and prayers. Mr. George (COPE) thanked the Minister of Police and the National Commissioner for attending the meeting, as it would not have been good if Parliament had taken a break without seeing the newly appointed National Commissioner. He warned the National Commissioner against the important and critical role of the department she heads.

Citizens relied on SAPS for safety and the Committee was ready to support SAPS and its leaders. Ms. M. Molebatsi (ANC) welcomed the Minister and the National Commissioner. The ANC was convinced that there would be a positive change within the SAPS. The Chair-in-Office presented the National Commissioner with a dossier consisting of committee reports on several issues of interest in recent years. The President-in-Office has promised to contact the National Commissioner to further examine the contents of the file.

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