Sam Graber | Pratfalls of Parenting Ep 23

“My behavior modeling for the kids has nothing to do with my artistry”

Playwright Sam Graber talks about how much more important his parenting is to him than his work as an artist. He talks about how intentionally he keeps his work as a playwright separate from his work as a father.

Sam talks about this love of musical theater as a young person and about his early work creating educational plays for schools and how that helped him realize that talking down to kids wasn’t necessary or helpful.

He talks about feeling stifled in the corporate work environment and how that pushed him towards creative work. Same shares his experience of retiring from business and transitioning into full time playwriting. And about trying to explain to his family why he was transitioning from the business world to the world of being a playwright and what that would entail.

“I’m just always trying to be there for them and pay attention and talk to them”

Sam talks about how figuring out payroll taxes is like writing a good play.

He talks about developing and getting better as a playwright and his desire and hope that he will someday be a good dad.

“Man, I don’t know if what I’m doing is correct”

Sam talks about his goal with playwriting of creating something his kids may some day see as evidence that their dad had something to say about the world and of leaving a legacy behind that will let his grandchildren get a sense of who he was.

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