Rick Ellis | Pratfalls of Parenting Ep 73

Rick Ellis

“When the Forbes list of the 100 richest people comes out there aren’t journalists on there.”

Journalist Rick Ellis talks about his checkered career path that has included stand-up comedy, journalism, radio, television, and running his own entertainment journalism website. He talks about how much he has always enjoyed writing and how his obstinance is what led him apply his writing to public and performing mediums. And Rick talks about the ups and downs one experiences when working as a self-employed writer.

“I was somewhat of the attitude that I was just going to be one of those bachelor guys, hopefully not the pathetic kind.”

Rick talks about being a part of the bustling stand-up comedy scene in Chicago in the late 1970s and through the 1980s. He talks about transitioning from comedy to radio. And Rick talks about not getting married until in his 40s and what it’s like to become a dad a bit later than the typical age.

“For a variety of reasons, we’re not going to live in a TV-less family.”

Rick talks about operating his own entertainment journalism website. He shares the challenges and benefits of reporting on the film and television industry from the Midwest when most things are being made and marketed on the East or West coasts. And he talks about wanting to provide financial stability for his family while doing work he cares about.

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