Stef Alexander (P.O.S) | Pratfalls of Parenting Ep 52


“The only thing I ever really wanted to do with my life was make music”

Rapper/musician Stef Alexander, aka P.O.S of Doomtree and Rhymesayers,  talks about his first tour with a punk band when he was 14. He talks about being in elementary school and having the realization that making music was a job. Stef talks about his mom’s love of music and how important support from her has been in making music a career.

“There’s a difference between what your ideal is and your real life”

Stef talks about the financial realities of being an independent musician. He talks about getting comfortable with what he’s trying to communicate and taking pride in his ability to earn a living making the music he wants to make. And he talks about the role maturity plays on what he writes about.

“If you’re paying any attention at all you can see there’s a lot things that are unfair”

Stef talks about trying to make catchy, danceable music but that also has a complex and powerful message. He talks about trying to be consistently the same person in all areas of his life so that everyone he has relationships with knows what to expect.  Stef talks about meeting fans from the perspective of having been a fan first and being aware of the importance those human connections have.

“Both parenting and making songs are a real second nature at this point”

Stef talks about having conversation with his son about how people may try to be his friend in an attempt to get access to his dad’s shows. He talks about what its like for his son to have actual friends who really love his dad’s music. He also talks about the challenges of being a touring musician with other musicians who don’t have a family at home and don’t get the challenges of being a father on the road.

“I love my work so I’m not one of those dudes that’s crabby when I get home from work because I hate my job”

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