Peter Haakon Thompson | Episode 72

covered in babies

“I hate to be categorized as a thing.”

Artist Peter Haakon Thompson talks about not wanting to bedefined by any one element of his work or life. He talks about going from a focus on photography to wanting to broaden out what he calls his art practice. And he shares how his interests always find there way to becoming a part of his creative work whether they are overtly artistic or not.

“I like the idea that there doesn’t have to be a separation of art over here, and life over here.”

Peter talks about how much his desire to have interactions with people drives the kind of work and experiences he creates. He shares how much joy he gets from telling about the work he makes. And he talks about how reliant his work is upon the participants.

the thompsons

“I consider my mediums to be conversation and participation.” zodiaque chinois

Peter talks about what it’s like to go from having no children to having twin daughters. He shares how early parenthood with twins barely goes beyond just trying to keep his head above water. And Peter talks about how interesting it is to be able to compare his daughters to one another and see how different their personalities are despite their sharing DNA and a womb.

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