Peter Clowney | Pratfalls of Parenting Ep 110

peter clowney“What I really want to teach my kids is less focus on whether you’re best in the world at something and more on sticktoitiveness.” 

American Public Media Managing Director of National Content, Arts & Ideas programming Peter Clowney talks about his struggle with perfectionism and how different his son’s temperament is from the way he was as a child. He shares the joys of having a genetically related son and an adopted daughter and seeing how differently they approach the world but also how the connect with one another. Peter also talks about moments when the demands of his work made him feel like a sub-par parent and ways that his parenting experience informs the way he connects with colleagues or external collaborators.

“I learn a lot from the way my kid doesn’t really worry whether his teacher likes him or not.”

Peter talks a lot about getting into radio out of college and how different the landscape is now for people wanting to work in radio. He describes discovering at the first radio station he worked, WHYY in Philadelphia, that his curiosity and desire to tell people’s stories were rewarded with more work and more opportunities. And he shares how the deadlines that come with working in public radio really helped to beat the perfectionist out of him.

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