Michael Sommers | Pratfalls of Parenting Ep 12

artist michael sommers“When my kids were young, they were my best critics.”

Michael Sommers of Open Eye Figure theatre shares how some of his creativity was born out of good old-fashioned youthful boredom. He talks about making work specific to a space and with a growing community of creative people. And about making collaborative theater organically with actors, puppets, lighting and sound designers all in the room together. And making work by amassing a giant pile of stuff and pulling out a story and an aesthetic from it.

Michael talks about how being an artist has made him share parts of himself with his kids he may not have otherwise shared with them. And about how having a granddaughter changes things in a whole different way. Makes the work have a different depth or sense of time. Plus, Michael explains how he’s creating a legacy by being a mentor to other artists.

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