Meghan Wilker | Pratfalls of Parenting Ep 135

Meghan Wilker“Not everybody’s a parent and not everybody wants to be around kids.”

Meghan Wilker is Chief Operating Officer at Clockwork. She’s also the Author of Interactive Project Management: People, Pixels, and Process, Founder of Geek Girls Guide and Twin Cities Interactive Project Management Meetup and a Board Member, Bollywood Dance Scene.

In the show, Meghan talks about being a mother to a 9 and 6-year old. She talks about starting the Babies at Work program at Clockwork. She tells stories about having a baby and loving motherhood but also loving work and wanting to get back to working.

Meghan also talks about getting excited about how technology let’s her connect with other people at an early age, how she worked for a lot of places that were not very human-focused and finding her people. Meghan also talks about her relationship to other people’s opinions regarding parenting choices.

“You can still be a girl and like technology and enjoy it and do it for a job.”

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