Mcafee Cloud Services Agreement

No Illegal or Prohibited Use: You agree that you will not use the McAfee Websites or the information, products, or services they use for any illegal purpose or for any unlawful purpose. In addition, you will not: Third Party Content and Links: Some McAfee websites may display content provided by third parties, links to third party sites, or both, including advertisements and requests to purchase their products or services. In exchange for your convenience in providing or making available to you such content, you acknowledge that McAfee is not responsible for third-party content. McAfee Site Terms of Use This document describes the terms of use for the services offered on websites and websites owned by McAfee or its subsidiaries and operated by McAfee or its affiliates. McAfees Enterprise Sub-Processors McAfee uses third-party companies and services to support the delivery of McAfee services. .

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