Matt Fugate | Pratfalls of Parenting Ep 82

1396057_10152038528080820_1844578554_n“I sound about 10 percent to 100 percent smarter than I am.” 

Comic Matt Fugate talks about his so far 25 year long stand up comedy career. He shares his journey from comedy dabbler to obsessed comedy writer. And he talks about trying to figure out how to sell himself when he really just wants to sell his jokes.

“If you try to shut down a loud table full of talking women than you’re a bully.”

Matt talks about not wanting to put the responsibility for a show to go well on the audience. He talks about the control a comic can have and often times wants to have over their performance. And he shares how challenging it can be to take risks on stage.

“I was a divorced, single dad and I was absolutely miserable.” 

Matt talks about being a dad to a 21 year-old son while raising elementary school aged daughters. He shares how much he’s learned from each child but also how little of that applies to his other kids. And Matt talks about wanting to share the things he finds funny with his kids.

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