Mary Lahammer | Pratfalls of Parenting Ep 74

315479_4081854680226_753231612_n“You can never be good at parenting all the time.” 

Broadcast journalist Mary Lahammer talks about journalism as a family business. She shares some of the personal relationships that inform how and why she reports on various issues. And Mary talks about the lack of separation between life and work.

“People joke that I took my first steps on the House floor.”

Mary talks about how her father’s career as a journalist and her mother’s work as an actress created a clear path to TV journalism for their daughter. She talks about growing up at the Minnesota state Capitol following her journalist dad around. And she talks about how creative her work can be.

543049_4565395648448_1196134035_n“They cared a lot more about the length of my skirts than the depth of my intelligence.”

Mary talks about her desire as a journalist to connect the “why” it happened to the stories she tells more than just the “what.” She also talks about wanting to raise her daughter in Minnesota more than she wants to pursue any potential national job opportunities. And she talks about how many things her daughter gets access to as a result of her work and how much it allows her to still be a fully present mother.

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