Marlaine Cox | Pratfalls of Parenting Ep 67

-1“I feel like I’m raising dangerous boys.”

Metal worker Marlaine Cox talks about how she got into working with metal and sculpture. She talks about being the odd maker and builder of the family and how that showed itself early on. And Marlaine talks about creating how own private world within the bunk beds she shared with her sister.

If I’m going to wear these steel-toed boots than maybe I should just do it.”

Marlaine talks about taking coming to realize that she really wanted to build and work with steel. She shares her existential crisis triggered by her shoes. And she shares how her dad’s having one arm helped her learn which tool was which.

“If somebody tells me ‘you can’t do this’ I’m probably going to.”

Marlaine talks about the difference between “welding cash together” and making art with her skills. She shares how her ability to make money with her work allows her to make more personal work. And Marlaine also talks about how advancing at her skills working with metal has allowed to her to pick and choose jobs more.

“I’m a big fan of failure.”

Marlaine talks about wanting to intentionally install a comfort with trying and failing at things in her children. She shares how they’ve reacted to her own work and how that does or doesn’t impact the work she makes.

“If it’s really monotonous welding I always listen to Salsa music.”


Marlaine’s collaboration with past guest Karen Kasel, the Low tech/high joy, will be having a closing party at TuckUnder Projects on October 17th, 6-9p.

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