Lee Zukor | Pratfalls of Parenting Ep 34

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“There is something about living the kind of life that I want them to see”

Creative idea explorer, musician, editor, and writer Lee Zukor talks about wanting to use technology to do more than just sell stuff. And shares his ideas for taking little moments throughout the day and using them collectively to add up to something more. Harnessing the power of people’s unused minutes.

“For me, growing up, the arts were really important. But I’m not sure how I got that”

Lee talks about learning to write songs as an adolescent and competing in battle of the bands contests. He talks about his father regularly singing around the house without him ever performing publicly. And how powerful it felt to stand near his father when he would sing.

“If I have 10 minutes I want to use the 10 minutes for something I care about”

Lee talks about how passionate his son is about sports, which Lee never was, and how challenging it is to get him to take an interest in music lessons. While Lee’s daughter is happy to work at and play music. And he talks about trying to focus on modeling the kind of life he wants them to see rather than trying to tell them how to live their lives.

“Maybe the songs that I write should be the song that I like”

Lee shares his journey towards becoming a professional songwriter and talks about how exciting and challenging it was. And how he feels about no longer pursuing that career but still writes songs and plays music largely for himself.

Plus, Lee talks about his desire or perhaps need to explore ideas and concept by starting new projects without having a full idea of what he’s doing or where the project will go. And how he hopes his children will be open to engaging with the world this way throughout their lives.

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