Leann Olsen | Pratfalls of Parenting Ep 85


leann olsen“I really wanted to see my own creations.”

Proprietor and creative force behind Geekiana, Leann Olsen talks about how her dad’s print making business led her into the art and craft of shirt and apparel making. She talks about finding ways to execute other people’s designs rather than her own and how that drove her to focus on doing her own thing. And Leann shares how she decided to just make designs she loved that connected to arts and culture she loved.

image13geekiana“My dad started screen printing when I was really young and that’s what got me started.”

Leann talks about what it’s like to run a business with her stand-up comic husband. She shares the struggles of owning and operating her own business while working a full time day job. And she talks about how powerful it can be to see people wear and appreciate things she’s made.

“I that period of uncertainty where I go, ‘is anybody going to get this?’”

Leann talks about developing a fan base for her designs at conventions like CONvergence. She talks about the power of connecting with like-minded individuals as customers as well as just lovers of sci-fi and fantasy things. Leann also shares what it’s like to see her kids develop an interest in making their own things and being able to foster and support those desires.



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