Laura Zabel | Pratfalls of Parenting Ep 61

IMG_4228“At least you got a laugh.”

Laura Zabel is the executive director of Springboard for the Arts. She is also married to the host of this podcast

“My job fulfills a lot of the same things that acting did for me.”

Laura talks about how she thinks about the work Springboard does and how it’s different than other organizations that work with artists and creative organizations. She talks about moving away from her focus on being a working actor to becoming the Director of an arts organization. Laura also talks about the performing elements that coming with her current work.

936244_10151670990558846_2106276744_n“I feel like as an Executive Director your whole job is to tell the story of the work”

Laura talks about how the work she does at Springboard is similar to the collaborative process of putting a show on a stage. She talks about how her professional theater training equipped her for the increasing volume of public speaking that comes with her work. And she talks about how fulfilling and creative she finds the work of developing and sharing new programs.

“Really, is what you want, as a parent, is to have your 16 year old daughter stand up on stage and get judged on a regular basis?”

Laura talks about finding acting a very young age and eventually having the realization that her auditioning and performing was probably pretty stressful on her parents. She shares the experience of her father auditioning for a community theater production and how much anxiety they made her feel. And talks about the value of letting teens get up on change and have adults clap for them.

“There’s a lot of value in learning that “No” is subjective.”

Laura talks about how in funding, getting work, and getting opportunities the subjective nature of things gives her comfort. She talks about theater teaching how to roll with rejection and how all people could benefit from that experience. She also talks about wanting to take risks within structured environments.


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