Lars Leafblad | Pratfalls of Parenting Ep 77

Photo by: Bill Kelley

Photo by: Bill Kelley

“Stop asking if we want to be connected, the answer is that we do.”

Leadership and Engagement Director for the Bush Foundation and Twin Cities Twitter user extraordinaire Lars Leafblad talks about coming into a well-established organization and trying to build upon its strengths while incorporating new ideas. He talks about building relationships in person as well as through tolls like Twitter. And he shares how much he values the relationships he’s built and maintained by connecting online.

09bb79e9e59401069a8da75029382b9e“If I had to boil myself down to one word, I would say Connector.”

Lars talks about finding a journal from when he was in third grade and seeing that he was already diagramming connections between himself and his fellow students. He talks not being able and not really wanting to separate his personal and professional selves. And Lars shares how being his true self in all situations is the only way he knows how to genuinely do the work that matters to him.

“I’ve come to believe this work/life balance is relativism.”

Lars talks about being dad to four children all under the age of 10 and how that impacts his ability to be constantly connected. He talks about his growing awareness of the kind of behavior he is modeling for his children. And he talks about struggling against parental hypocrisy.

“I’m in the midst of trying to figure out as a parent how to be present and connected while wanting to be connected and present professionally.”


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