Lacey & John Zeiler | Pratfalls of Parenting Ep 93

John and Lacey“When I got out of the service industry I ran as hard and fast as I could.” 

Actors Lacey and John talk about first meeting because John was Lacey’s dance captain for a show. John talks about transitioning from a focus on music to a focus on dance and how that all led to him focusing on acting. Lacey shares what it was like to grow up with parents who were heavily focused on making theater and how that made being around strange, creative people seem so normal to her.

Lila“There was a moment of absolute panic.”

Lacey talks about wanting to expose her daughter to people who care about what they’re doing. John talks about overcoming stage fright. And they both talk about how their Sidekick Sunday project has become a way for them to create something as a family and make sure they are doing creative work together on a regular basis.

Check out Episode 7 of Sidekick Sunday here! 

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