Kelly Barnhill | Pratfalls of Parenting Ep 80


Kelly-Barnhill_Big“One of coolest thing about writing for middle-grade audiences is that you’re writing several books at once.”

Author Kelly Barnhill talks about writing books for young people. She also talks about how being a teaching artists informs her writing and how her writing informs her teaching. And Kelly talks about the many levels her writing for middle-grade audiences can operate on.

“We are all always all our past and future selves all of the time.”

photoKelly talks about how rereading is a unique experience because of the changing nature of people and their lives. She talks about the process of discovering what she was writing and whom she was writing for over the course of writing her first book. And she talks about how her brain absorbs and releases information.

“I love this book. Please rewrite all of the things.”


Kelly talks about the relationship between writer and editor. She also shares how much or little interest her children have in reading her work. And she talks about how motherhood has impacted not only her books but how she writes and engages with people on her regular blog.

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