Molly Keenan & Aaron Lichtov | Pratfalls of Parenting Ep 81

keenan art“I’m trying to figure out how I can stay a teacher but get out of it in the traditional sense.”

This episode features Molly Keenan and Aaron Lichtov of RetroFutures Designs.

Molly talks about transitioning from talking about herself as a classroom teacher to talking about herself as a practicing artist. Aaron talks about pushing Molly to embrace her ambition and her vision and what its like to be partners in every sense of the word. Molly and Aaron talk about how important it is for them to create and share work that serves a public purpose.

“For the first time I’m taking it seriously as not just avocation but vocation.”

Molly talks about the relationship between humans and nature and why that is such a prominent theme in her work. She talks about how being an educator informs and influences the work she makes. And she talks about how there is no real separation between the various parts of her life.

“Yeah, it’s hard, but we’re not special.”

Aaron talks about his personal journey as a trans person and how his coming to his own resolution doesn’t mean the rest of the world has come to a resolution. Aaron and Molly talk about their own daughter’s exploration of gender. And they share how the stresses of parenthood are no more magnified by not fitting into gender-norms.

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