Kate-Madonna Hindes | Pratfalls of Parenting Ep 64

photo“I decided at a very early age that I wanted to learn everything.”

Kate-Madonna Hindes talks about her desire to learn literally everything in the world. She talks about not needing to the work that’s driven by passion be the work that generates the most income. And she talks about being a poor single-mother and realizing she didn’t need permission to do the things she wanted to do.


“My full time job subsidizes all my passions.”

Kate-Madonna talks about how battling cancer right after giving birth helped reinforce the idea that there was no right way to work or not work. She talks about the stress and intensity of being diagnosed with cancer while carrying her son. And she shares how letting her online community in on that experience provided her with comfort and support.

“All of us want to matter, all of us want to be heard.”

Kate-Madonna discusses having to gauge how much information she could share about her illness with her young daughter. She talks about how her mother kept health issues secret and what impact that had on her growing up. She also talks about how much of herself she shares with her online community and how she decides what she should and shouldn’t share of herself.

“I change the world by getting people to see that HPV is not this horrible thing.”

Kate-Madonna also talks about her new project focused on raising attention on the Human Papploma Virus.

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