Kate Kunkel Bailey | Pratfalls of Parenting Ep 87


“Having other people coming and going feeds and inspires my art practice.”

Kate Kunkel Bailey is a photographer, a writer, a performance artist and owner of the Fox Egg Gallery. In this episode of the podcast she talks about how she found her self as the owner of a workspace/art gallery in an old storefront. She also talks about the value of being of the community beyond just being in a community.

1384048_571129022924534_2132130687_n“I had just been laid off from a job, I was fresh out of a divorce and my mom was fresh out of surviving breast cancer.”

Kate talks about how she started taking photographs of her mother as a cancer survivor. She shares how her mom becoming the subject of her photographic work led to the project “Of Scars” which has now led to her connecting with a wide array of people who have survived or had some relationship with breast cancer. She also talks about how making photos of her mom had an element of wanting to preserve some part of her mother who had suddenly become much more mortal.

“You don’t get to escape your life unscathed.”

1526572_10151822783130976_105289777_nKate talks about the experience of going through a divorce as a mother and how co-parenting is different from married parenting. She also shares a bit on what it’s like to be in a blended family raising step-siblings and navigating the various relationships that fill up her house. She also talks about some of the obvious and not so obvious challenges of running her own business, working as a freelance artist, and raising an active family.

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