Justin Staggs | Pratfalls of Parenting Ep 68


photo“No matter how fast you’re moving, you’re always two hours behind.”

Video and Film-maker Justin Staggs talks about how many years of long hours spent shooting and editing videos prepared him for the long-term sleep deprivation of parenthood. He talks about using the family camcorder as a child and remaking his own versions of Star Wars and Indiana Jones movies. And he talks about moving towards graphic design initially because it seemed more realistic than filmmaking.

My ultimate dream would be if you could step into a time void and spend the next 7 years making a movie and step back out like no time has passed.”

Justin talks about how much he enjoys pre production on his work and planning out everything that’s going to happen on a shoot. He talks about the constant struggle to get everything done on time. And he shares how being organized and focused on the details feels instinctive to him.

justin staags“I got sort of depressed if I’m not busy.”

Justin talks about how his creative work as a visual storyteller has helped him be good at playing with his son. He talks about building relationships with artists he’s worked with and how that’s helped him bring their song or vision to life. Justin also talks about how he decides whether or not to take a certain job or seek out a certain job.

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