Joshua Will | Pratfalls of Parenting Ep 60

44777_10200480659051876_1176336348_n“What it really comes down to is no one’s ever happy.”

Writer, performer, producer Joshua Will talks about comedy, writing, performing, and how his kids reminded him how to “just be a pirate.”

Joshua talks about getting into Monty Python in 6th grade even though he didn’t really get most of the jokes. He talks about shooting sketch comedy movies in his neighborhood when he was a kid. And he talks about how realizing he didn’t have the right size to succeed at sports is what made him decide to focus on theater.

292140_2124592687262_4081755_n“I will throw out a suggestion which I know isn’t good, but I want someone to go ‘no, but, what if…’”

Joshua talks about his desire coming out of college to work for Dudley Riggs and how accomplishing that allowed him to think things would just naturally fall in to place in his career as a comedy writer and performer. He talks about not planning for the long term while fantasizing about what the future might hold. And Joshua talks about his disdain for auditioning for commercial opportunities.

“Just go with it, who cares if you’re wrong.”

Joshua talks about the difficulty of explaining how much value his improvisational background has for nearly any kind of working environment. He talks about applying the skills as a writer and improviser to largely non-creative client-based projects. And Joshua talks about funneling his desire to write creatively into the work he producers independently.

“I fought over the name “Jane” and “Julie” for two days.”

Joshua talks about transitioning from full time writing and performing comedy to becoming a dad and building a career as a different kind of writer. He talks about the impact stepping away from live performance had on his social life. And he talks about how the crave to create and perform again led him to try stand-up comedy and how that experience made him realize he needed to keep finding ways to keep making sketch comedy.

“I use what the kids do to help me as a performer all the time.”

Joshua also talks about fatherhood.

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