John Jodzio | Pratfalls of Parenting Ep 14

“I can’t stop making stuff up”

Short story author John Jodzio talks about how he always wanted to be a writer. We hear about the influence of having parents who were creative in addition to their regular jobs rather than being creative for their main work.

John talks about the significance of a character from stories in his 5th grade reader, Johnny Applegate and how his 5th grade teacher had students create their own original stories with bad things happening to Johnny Applegate. John wrote a dark story that resulted in a talk with the school psychologist but also impressed his classmates which made him realize that getting a reaction from making up stories was pretty great.

John also talks about the ebbs and flows of his writing output over the years and how becoming a father has actually helped solidified a regular, structured writing practice. And about how being a father hasn’t made him anti-social but rather more choosy about what social events he decides to attend. Also, John talks about getting to spend time reconnecting with books he liked as a child and discover artists that are new or that he never knew about.


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