Jocelyn Hagen | Pratfalls of Parenting Ep 78

Photo by: Jenn Cress

Photo by: Jenn Cress

“I kind of thought that composition was going to be something I could easily do from home.”

Composer Jocelyn Hagen talks about stepping back from performing as she entered motherhood and now returning to the live performance part of her work. She shares how being raised by a piano teacher informed her becoming a composer. And she talks about deciding not to pursue teaching.

“I would hear orchestra pieces in my head but I didn’t have the tools yet to figure out how to write that down.”

Jocelyn talks about the challenges of taking what she can hear in her head and put them on the page some other people can create them. She talks about how difficult it can still be to decide how to represent musical ideas on the page. And she admits that many music compositions never feel fully “done.”

 “There are some amazing composers in the Twin Cities that have been wonderful mentors.”

Jocelyn talks about finding mentorship in other composers as well as what she gains from serving as a mentor to others. She talks about raising two young boys and deciding to become a mother regardless of where she was at with her career rather than because of where her career was. And she talks about how much, or little, interest her boys currently have in her music.


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