Jeremy Cohen | Pratfalls of Parenting Ep 38

jeremy cohen

“There is no finer magnifying glass to illuminate the intimacy of true partnership than how you raise a human being together”

Theater Director Jeremy Cohen talks about the work of being the Producing Artistic Director at the Playwrights Center and how much that role differs from being the Executive Director at an organization but also from being a regular Artistic Director. Jeremy talks about the work of building community and supporting work at organizations beyond his own.

Plus, Jeremy talks about the difference between a new play and putting a new take on an old play.

“As an artist, those larger life parts of your life get delayed eight to ten years”

Jeremy talks about being the first same-sex couple to adopt from the main open adoption agency in Chicago. He shares how a process he was told would take many years ended up taking mere weeks and what it was like to become a father over-night. And Jeremy talks about the advantages of being a single-gender family like not having the anxiety surrounding breast-feeding.

“The challenge was never about being gay parents it was always about being artist parents”

Jeremy talks about being an artist with a child in a community of artists who mostly were not parents. He talks about creating a new normal in his work life and how that informed the way he worked with other people. And he talks about the challenges of doing work that demanded out of state travel and big time demands while trying to be a present and involved parent.

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