Jena Young | Pratfalls of Parenting Ep 22

“If you criticize my parenting I will fight you”

An honest and thoughtful conversation with comic, podcaster, entertainer, musician, improviser, dancer, fight choreographer, producer, and mother Jena Young.

Jena talks about growing up as a child at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival and starting to work there herself professional at the early age of 12. She shares the influence of having a father who was an entertainer and mother who made and sold crafts.

Jena talks about being a young single mother and how much pre-judgement that carries with it. Plus she talks about the hard work of fighting against stereotypes and social norms.

“I spent several years pushing against the idea that since I was an unwed mother I was a bad person or somehow less than”

Jena shares her ongoing unwillingness and fight against being put into any categories or “boxes.” Going so far as to say that she pursued Stand-Up comedy partially because it was such a male dominated art form. Meeting her husband, comic Bill Young, while doing comedy and how that informs their relationship and family life. Jena shares an early argument from the beginning of her marriage about what is or isn’t sketch comedy.

“There’s definitely a ‘this is what guys do’ feel to offensive humor”

You can get more information about Jena’s brand new production company by going to Fearless Comedy Productions dot com


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