Jen Scott | Pratfalls of Parenting Ep 30


“I have no idea what life is going to look like after “Kiddo” arrives”

Improviser, actor, musician, writer, educator, producer, and general creativity bon vivant Jen Scott talks about the experience of being a working artist and expectant mother.

Jen talks about her early career goals of becoming either a dinosaur scientist or a writer and her first exposure to live sketch comedy while in college.

“If I could make ‘em laugh they wouldn’t make fun of me”

Jen talks about being an introvert and a performer and how those things seem counter-intuitive but in fact make perfect sense. And about how improv in particular creates a space where anything you say or do is okay. Plus, she shares how her desire to do improv forced her to learn how to be a performer despite discomfort with social situations.

Jen talks about how her work life makes up a good chunk of her social life and shapes her identity and not knowing what becoming a mother will do to change all of those things. And about preloading her work schedule in the ramp up to having a baby so that she can get as much work in as well as experience as many things before this big ‘everything changes’ time comes.

“Its so weird to having impending change that you don’t know what it looks like”

Plus, Jen talks about the encouragement and horror stories people share when they learn she’s pregnant. And about where her identity comes from and whether that will be impacted by motherhood. And finding creative activities that aren’t for public consumption but rather just for herself.


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