Jeff Greene | Pratfalls of Parenting Ep 79


jeff greene 1“By paying a babysitter I’m losing money every single day I drive to teach.”

Musician and host of the Resonant Radio podcast Jeff Greene talks about working as a musician as well as a music teacher. Jeff talks about how he progressed through different instruments as much by happenstance as by desire. And he shares how the relationship between making music and teaching music is multi-faceted.

jeff greene“I was envious of people who grew up and there were instruments everywhere.”

Jeff talks about how having an older brother who was into music exposed him to music he wouldn’t have otherwise known about. He talks about ending up with a music career rather than knowing he was headed that way all along. And he talks about the financial ups and downs of playing and teaching music.

 “What do I have to say to get them to do what I want them to do.”

Jeff talks about having to say yes or no to offers based on balancing income, cost of childcare, and his desire to actually do the gig. He shares his hopes that his kids will like music and eventually be in to music even if it’s not his music. And he talks about how teaching young people how to play instruments impacts how he communicates with his own kids.

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