Jeannine Coulombe | Pratfalls of Parenting Ep 51


“I have no inheritance”

Playwright, theater artist, and teacher Jeannine Coulombe talks about deciding to concentrate on playwriting once she became a mother.

“I do find a parallel between playwriting and my father’s carpentry”

She talks about being a founding member of the Workhaus Collective and how much she gets out of producing hers and other’s work as well as writing plays. She talks about the complex relationship between a working playwright and William Shakespeare. And Jeannine talks about living in Europe for two years and figuring out who she was as a playwright.

“They paid me to go to grad school to write so… I’ll take it”

Jeannine talks about moving back to Minnesota knowing that working and living as a playwright was more realistic than in New York. She talks about getting her first play produced and about her decision to go to graduate school in Iowa for playwriting. And about what skills she was able to develop in graduate school that she may not have in the real world.

“Because of the background that I have, I don’t think that I’ve ever fit into the theater”

Jeannine talks about her work with a teaching program called Art Share and the impact that work had on her as a writer and eventually a teaching artist. She talks about her families blue collar background and the role that played in shaping her work ethic as well as her ability to not be heavily money driven. Jeannine also talks about what it means to be an actual expert at something and how to use that expertise to help others.

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