Jayson Clark | Pratfalls of Parenting Ep 47


“I love my kids but at the same time there’s always that intrinsic need to do ‘something’”

Jayson Clark talks about retiring from the professional rap world to focus on family while also exploring other creative projects.

“I wish when I was 20 I had gone a little harder at my music”

Jayson talks about growing up in Austin, Texas, and how that influenced his perspectives as a creative person but also how different Austin is from the rest of the State. Jayson talks about his first time rapping for an audience and needing to be extremely drunk to get through it.


“First song I ever kissed a girl to was rap music, that’s what I’m sticking to

Jayson talks about starting out writing poetry and transition into writing and performing raps. Jayson talks about moving from Austin to Minnesota and the challenges of building new relationships with artists. He talks about connecting with other rappers and producers in Minnesota through Facebook, including the guys who would eventually form the Background Noise Crew.

Jayson talks about further pursuing his education while building his rap career in search of some stability. He talks about how becoming a father made him want to create a family life different than how he grew up. Jayson talks about how the work of being a 7th grade classroom teacher is similar to being a performing rapper.


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