Jacquie Fuller | Pratfalls of Parenting Ep 71

Photo by: Jade Tittle

Photo by: Jade Tittle

“I’m amazed at how neurotic and superficial I am about my kid.”

New mother to an 18 week old daughter Jacquie Fuller talks about how having worked in radio for several years prepared her for the lack of sleep that comes with new parenthood. She talks about the tension a newborn can put between new parents. And she shares how she balances being a creator and a curator of other’s work.

“I like to break people down, that’s kind of my style.”

Jacquie talks about realizing she wanted to work in radio because of how angry she got at people who were terrible on the radio. She talks about how wanting to work at MPR’s The Current compelled her to move from New Mexico to the Twin Cities. And she shares how her tenacity and ability to hound people helped her go from administrative work at the station to also being on the air.

Photo by: Maggie Fuller

Photo by: Maggie Fuller

“There’s always been a bit of me that was equal parts creator and curator.” 

Jacquie shares the story of how her show “Teenage Kicks” came about. She talks about the early art and music that mattered to her and how that’s shaped what she’s into now. And Jacquie talks about loving music but not being able to make it, which is why she’s so passionate about sharing other people’s music.

“I was one of those kids who had a lot of interests but could never decide what to do.”

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