Ira Brooker | Pratfalls of Parenting Ep 66

IraBrookerPhoto“I never really had any other career path.”

Writer and editor Ira Brooker talks about the difference between working as a corporate copy writer and writing about entertainment. He talks about trying to make freelance writing his full time job. And Ira talks about the value he got from studying writing at University.

“Getting how and why people make art is endlessly fascinating to me.”

Ira talks about growing up in a rural, largely isolated place in Wisconsin. He talks about raising his son in the city and how significantly different that experience is from his own childhood. And Ira talks about wanting to make sure his son still gets those experiences in nature.

“I’ve become a lot more interested in capturing why things do mean a lot to me.”

Ira shares some of the things he’s exposed to as a dad that he might never have seen without his son. He talks about wanting his son to be engaged with the world. And Ira shares some of the challenges he faces trying to balance work, family, and writing about things he cares about.

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