Laura Holway & Ben McGinley | Pratfalls of Parenting Ep 146

Ben & Laura

“I think we both knew that we liked each other, but I was a pretty damaged person.”

Laura Holway is a choreographer, theater maker, writer, producer, and creative maker of unstuckness. Ben McGinley is a video maker, producer, podcaster, and teller of stories. In their personal partnership Laura and Ben have collaborated on many projects from dance, to video, to intimate curated performances in their living room and they’ve also created a person.

“I don’t have to be married to a script. I can make my own script.”

Ben M greenOn this episode, Ben talks openly about his struggle with addiction and some of the issues at the roots of his not knowing how to keep himself healthy. He talks about how he got into making videos, making his own versions of JAWS as a child, and why he’s downshifted his creative work and found more personal fulfillment not making his fatherhood and marriage into an art project.


Laura HolwayLaura shares her journey from acting student to professional choreographer. She talks about her desire to connect with people and how that impacts her creative choices. She also shares how the performance series she and Ben curate, Small Art, is about creating intimacy and encouraging artists to be vulnerable.

Ben and Laura also talking about their relationship getting stronger as a result of dealing with personal issues surrounding addiction, depression and how therapy has solidified who they are as individuals and helped them be ready to become parents.



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